TIFA 2023 Nature / Flowers

Embracing The Sun

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Flowers
  • Photographer
    Lee Chee Wai
  • Technical Info
    All Images Taking With Prime 24mm On F1.4 For Soft Background
  • Photo Date

Embracing the Sun The blossom of the lotus in stages is like embracing the energy of light with beautiful gestures of the petals, it shining through the light with clarity that generate a peaceful moment. It can be seen as a symbol for those who overcome ignorance and suffering in order to find enlightenment or self-realisation, it represent the purity of body, mind and speech, as it rises above attachment and desire, liberated and full of bliss.

Bio A self-taught and avid photographer, a creative director/account manager in his advertising team, a dedicated yoga teacher based in Ipoh Malaysia. his passion for photography has been brewing since he learned to appreciate art and at the same time pursue his studied in Graphic Design. His journey of photography had been driving him to contemporary and fine art photography mostly in black and white. MOTTO Transforming his senses from the environment, the people and all the living being to the fine art images. He sincerely hope to deepen one's senses towards the world with his images