TIFA 2023 Nature / Trees


  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Trees
  • Photographer
    Martin Babarik
  • Photo Date

There is an old forest a few kilometres from where I live. For many years I didn't know what treasure was hidden in it. During the pandemic there was a lockdown for several days, during which it was forbidden to leave the district. That's when I started walking around my neighborhood until I got to this forest. I was just taking a walk, I needed to clean my mind and think about more positive things. Deeper in the forest I was left standing in pure amazement - 300 or 400 years old oaks had appeared in front of me and there were more and more of them. It was love at first sight.

I take pictures of trees, this is what I specialize in. Trees are alive beings and that is how I try to catch them. I am a photographer of the Tree of the Year Slovakia poll.