TIFA 2023 Advertising / Music

7 Degrees of Inner Turbulence

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Music
  • Photographer
    Silvia Montanari
  • Agency / Studio
    Silvia Montanari Photographer
  • Technical Info
    Iso 100 ,35mm,f4 ,8 Sec.paint Brush With Optic Fiber No Retouch
  • Photo Date
    25 April 2023

the electricity of human body strong current can kill us, but electrical impulse let us live. Positive emotions are turned into electrical signals by our brain.

Born in Bologna italy 1976. She start to use the camera of her dad at 6 and decided to be a photographer. studied at Venice University "movie photography "passionate about Fellini. started to work as a professional photographer in 2009. she's done 2 master in photojournalism and reportage (people and culture )in South America, published in 2014 by the book "nada me mata". worked for most of her life for Italian editor and magazine doing advertising and commercial photos. Now she's living in Florida , working with commercial, and she follow her passion about b/w photography and mixed art.