TIFA 2023 Editorial / Conflict

Impact of War

  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial/Conflict
  • Photographer
    Patryk Jaracz
  • Technical Info
    Sony A7c / Sony Sony 24-70 Gm Ii 2.8
  • Photo Date

The following project is examination of consequences of war in Ukraine through visual documentation of its impact. It often takes a direct shape of explosions with immediate effect of destruction, pain and consequently lost lives. Invasion of Ukraine turned entire cities and villages into battlefields, destroying homes, infrastructure, schools and cultural heritage while forcing millions of people to flee or live without access to water, electricity and gas. Smoke in the aftermath of explosion can be seen in the moment, but the impact it will have in people may be also felt for a lifetime.

Patryk Jaracz is a documentary photographer born in 1990 in Poland. His work is focused on human rights specifically in the region of Eastern Europe. While reporting on the subject during the 2020 fraudulent elections in Belarus, Patryk was also arrested and tortured alongside thousands of other people. On January first 2022 Patryk moved to Kyiv, and since then is continuously documenting events of the war and lives impacted by it. His works have been published in: The Times, ITV, LeFigaro, LCI, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Das Erste, ZDF, Polish Press Agency, Vogue, Elle and others.