TIFA 2023 Advertising / Travel/Tourism

Messolonghi Lagoon

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Travel/Tourism
  • Photographer
    Pygmalion Karatzas
  • Agency / Studio
    Pygmalion Karatzas Photography
  • Photo Date
    October 2023

The Messolonghi-Aitoliko lagoon ecosystem comprises of 6 lagoons covering an area of 150 sq.km., part of the Natura 2000 network and one of the most important wetlands in the Mediterranean. Stilt houses built by fishermen and salt pans dating back hundreds of years and producing 65% of the Greece’s salt, are the area’s two main landmarks. In collaboration with the Salt Museum located in Tourlida village, iconic images from the area will be selected for an exhibition, promoting the recently-opened museum and the area’s landmarks.

Pygmalion Karatzas studied Architecture at the Technical University of Budapest, Urban Design at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, and practiced architecture for 12 years. Since 2013 he is focusing systematically on architectural and fine art photography, producing a portfolio of 200 architectural, commercial and artistic projects from Europe, USA and Middle East.