TIFA 2023 People / Culture

Tribes of Northern Kenya After 8 Years of Drought

  • Prize
    Bronze in People/Culture
  • Photographer
    Marios Forsos
  • Agency / Studio
    Marios Forsos Photography
  • Technical Info
    Nikon Z Cameras And Lenses, Godox Lights, Various Modifiers And Filters
  • Photo Date
    Various 2023

For the past 8 years, northern Kenya has suffered through the harshest drought in living memory. The drought has decimated herds, killed people and camels and have forced the nomadic tribes to drastically change centuries of tradition. Tribes and tribal groups were forced to settle near existing towns (to secure access to water) and abandon central parts of their heritage. As an entire generation was raised in these conditions, when the rains came in Aril 2023 and as elders started to push for a return to tradition, the younger people rebelled, throwing entire groups in turmoil.