TIFA 2023 Special / Digitally Enhanced

Visceral Elegance: Honey Trap

  • Prize
    Gold in Special/Digitally Enhanced
  • Photographer
    Lucilla Bellini
  • Agency / Studio
    Lucilla Bellini
  • Technical Info
    Digital Photography And 3d Art Intervention By Eli Macabre
  • Photo Date
    September 2023

A mesmerizing, surreal photography project that centers around the singular figure of a woman. This series invites viewers into a surreal world where this lone woman transforms into a beehive, a static goddess, a seductive temptress, and echoes mythological figures like Narcissus and Ophelia. Combining 3D artistry made by Eli Macabre with photography, the series transcends traditional boundaries to create stunning, otherworldly visuals. We witness the captivating interplay between the human form and nature’s allure, all presented in a surreal, dreamlike manner.

Italian-born photographer, collages artist and Art-director. Graduated in Visual Anthropology and Cinema in Florence, I’m specialized in fashion photography, focusing my interest on the female portrait, poetic, emotional, and strongly cinematic. My work is characterized by the strong imaginative component and the sophisticated use of color.