TIFA 2023 Science / Other

A Mummified Human Heart

  • Prize
    Silver in Science/Other
  • Photographer
    Patricia Mora
  • Agency / Studio
    Patricia Mora Photography
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D750, Nikkor 24-120 1:4, Elinchrom Brx-500, Nikon Sb-800, Helicon Focus (stack Of 13 Photos)
  • Photo Date
    2018, 2021

It stopped beating 4000 years ago. Embalmed with care using natron salt to preserve it for the after life, wrapped with fine linen cloth, even the aortic root received a special treatment. But, on the last step, a human mistake saved it for the future archaeologists to be found among hundreds of natron bags.The heart of the vizier Ipi is an unicum in the world, found by a Spanish archaeological team in Luxor, with whom I have the privilege to work. It has been studied, drawn, photographed and even scanned with the latest techniques to create a 3D model of this remarkable mummified human organ.