TIFA 2023 Fine Art / Collage

"Plain Plane Cuts"

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Collage
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Susan Spiritus Really great work!

  • Photographer
    Olena Zubach
  • Agency / Studio
    Olena Zubach Photography
  • Technical Info
    Camera Sony A7 Iii, Lens Tamron 28-75, F 13-14
  • Photo Date

I am using paper and scissors, along with the interplay of light and shadows. I am fascinated by the process of combining colors and shapes and attracted by the illusion of volume in these flat paper still lifes. My intention is to present them to the viewer in a unique and unconventional interpretation. The seemingly meaningless plane in my work transforms into a tangible form, resembling an actual object. Through the use of the illusion of volume, I aim to surprise viewers and cause them to perceive an object that appears remarkably real, even though it doesn't actually exist.

Olena Zubach is an art photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. She graduated from the Kyiv School of Photography in 2021 and ever since she is exploring the still life genre of photography. “I was fascinated by the world of art photography after getting acquainted with the works of the most famous artists. Through my art experiments, I discovered that with the capabilities of my camera I can get a photo visually very close to the painting. I like to immerse myself in the world of painting in this way.