TIFA 2023 Editorial / sports

No Limits

  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial/sports
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Tomohide Ikeya The selection of locations that highlight the physical prowess of the subjects is excellent. I can also imagine the preparation that went into making this shoot a reality was very difficult.

  • Photographer
    Daisy Seilern
  • Agency / Studio
    Daisy Seilern Photography
  • Technical Info
    Sony Alpha 9 And Canon 5d Mark Iii
  • Photo Date

This series is a colorful mix of world-class artists. My work consists of magical images that reflect my very personal life motto: "No Limits". For two years I photographed unique athletes, dancers, acrobats, yogis. Fantastic personalities who often risk their lives for very little pay. These stars know no limits when it comes to merging with their bodies, driven by the iron will to surpass themselves.

After years of experience photographing babies and children, Daisy Seilern started looking for new challenges. The artist specialised in the photography of various artists, with the goal of creating something special whilst challenging her own limits. Her spirit of adventure and creative thought is worth particular admiration. The Austrian-born Daisy Seilern studied photography at the 'Instituto del Arte – Lorenzo de Medici'. After this she worked as a journalist for BUNTE magazine at BURDA. Since 2012, the mother of 3 has been self-employed and has successfully established her business.