TIFA 2023 Portfolio / Food

Magic Food

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio/Food
  • Photographer
    Halyna Vitiuk
  • Photo Date

These photographs transport us into a captivating world of boundless imagination and joy that children experience when it comes to their favorite food. For us, adults, these dishes may seem ordinary and simple. However, my children have an extraordinary love for this food, and I wanted to immerse myself in their world of fantasy to understand why these dishes hold such special and delightful appeal to them. I decided to view them through the eyes of a child. Each photo presents a unique story, where food transforms into magical tales.

Halyna Vitiuk, a trendy photographer from Odesa, Ukraine, captures juicy and colorful photos filled with creativity, positivity, and happiness. Her career began in the IT and online sales world, but tragic events shifted her focus to exploring these themes in her work. Amidst the war in Ukraine, Halyna sought refuge in a foreign country, experiencing the loss of familiarity. Guided by the wisdom "Focus on good thoughts and all will be good," she aims to share her creativity, support others, and create art projects that celebrate the goodness and hopefulness of the world.