TIFA 2023 Book / Fine Art

Atlas of Voids

  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Kathleen Alisch
  • Agency / Studio
    Studio Kathleen Alisch
  • Technical Info
    Leporello With 96 Pages Printed Tritone+silver On Black/ Cover Silkscreen/ Open Size 508,8x29,2 Cm
  • Photo Date

‚Atlas of voids‘ is an investigation of the emptiness employing the tools of philosophy and science. The work explores the void as a sensor. A sensor of the change of light, the change of smell, the change of the perception of space. It arises from the nothingness between things related,between thoughts and feelings and the space that occurs full of darkness. The works acts as an immersive voyage into the concepts of becoming and interconnectivity of all things around us by examine, mapping and recreate different layers of reality. A visual poem exploring the void.

Kathleen Alisch (1979) is a German visual artist, photography is her main tool. In her work, inspired by philosphical and scientific enquiry, she explores and questions the nature of reality and society and reflects our everyday habits of perception. Her images are abstract representations of inner and outer landscapes in which she negotiates models and constructions for the perception of space, time and matter.