TIFA 2023 Science / Environment

Eastgrip - Ice Core

  • Prize
    Gold in Science/Environment , 1st Place winner in Science
  • Photographer
    Lukasz Larsson Warzecha
  • Agency / Studio
  • Technical Info
    F/10 @ 1/400sec.
  • Photo Date
    27th July 2022

Ice cores drilled during the East Greenland Ice-Core Project (EastGRIP) 2022 field season from ca. 2300-2400 meters in depth - and around 65,000 years old - lie in aluminium trays in the buffer ice core storage waiting to be processed at the science trench. Ice cores keep unique records of past climatic and atmospheric conditions, informing our understanding of changing climate. EastGRIP aims to drill through 2650 meters of ice dating back 80,000 years, to glean new knowledge of past climates and ice-sheet dynamics and how fast-flowing ice streams will contribute to sea-level rise.

Born in communist Poland at 342 ppm in 1983, I spent half my life in the United Kingdom. I now live with my wife, Ulrika Larsson, also a photographer on Sweden's west coast. I have worked as a professional photographer for the last 15 years. During my career, I have shot a wide variety of assignments for commercial and editorial clients worldwide. I have taken cameras to every environment on the planet. I have been working as a photojournalist since 2021, focusing on reporting about climate science. My work centers around climate change and highlights the research conducted by scientists.