TIFA 2023 Book / People

Metropolitan Fragments

  • Prize
    Silver in Book/People
  • Photographer
    Giuseppe Cardoni
  • Photo Date
    Book printed in 2023

The environment is delimited, with a complete absence of the external landscape. The protagonists are absorbed in their thoughts with their heads bowed or intent on looking with the absent gaze of those who look but do not see, as if they were imprisoned in their inner world. We are almost facing an aquarium in which motionless and / or unconscious fish swim. Loneliness is almost palpable and silence seems to saturate every space of the environment in a metaphysical suspension. The scene is still, extracted from the present and frozen out of time. Metropolitan Fragments is an ongoing project.

Lives in Umbria,Italy. Engineer. His main interest has been B/W reportage. He coauthored the book “STTL La terra ti sia lieve”. With Luigi Loretoni, he published in 2008 the photographic book “Miserere”, in 2011 “Gubbio, I Ceri” and in 2014 “Kovilj”; he is coauthor of the book “I colori del Jazz”. Also in 2014 he has published, "Boxing Notes". In 2020, he published “Vita e Morte - Rapsodia Messicana” and in 2021 "Passione per lo Sport"; in 2023 "In and out of the ring" and "Metropolitan Fragments". He has been awarded or has been a finalist in many national and international competitions.