TIFA 2023 Portfolio / Fine Art

Hat Heads

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Pauline Petit
  • Agency / Studio
    Pauline Petit
  • Technical Info
    Studio Shooting - F/8 1/125 S Iso 100 - Photoshop Post-processing - No Ai - No Photomanipulation
  • Photo Date

The Hat Heads series consists entirely of self-portraits featuring characters wearing atypical hats created from recycled objects and materials. Pauline Petit creates the hats herself, as well as the make-up. She constructs her portraits with strong lines, precise geometric shapes, balanced contrasts and make-up in continuity with the hat motifs. This series presents a modern, resolutely contemporary aesthetic. With a minimalist vision that counters the underlying luxury of fashion photography, Pauline Petit reinvents style!