TIFA 2023 Portfolio / Fine Art

The Boats Sail In The Sky of Yesteryear

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Florian Jayet
  • Agency / Studio
    Florian Jayet
  • Technical Info
    Equipped With Diving Tanks, I Placed All The Photographed Objects By Hand At A Depth Of 10/15 Meters
  • Photo Date

The Mediterranean basin has seen the birth and perishing of numerous civilizations since antiquity. A abundant culture of which the sea, preserves the traces. Our contemporary era is the fruit of this evolution. In the Anthropocene era, however, the Mediterranean is suffering the full impact of human activities. it has become one of the most polluted maritime areas in the world. An accumulation of waste, of artifacts that will question future generations about our human consciousness and the nature of our civilization. New symbols will then emerge from these remains to represent us.