TIFA 2023 Fine Art / Collage

The Last Resort II

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Collage
  • Photographer
    Andreas Kremer
  • Agency / Studio
    Imverbund Gmbh
  • Technical Info
    Ongoing Project, Photography+digital Collages, No Ai Is Used!
  • Photo Date

The Last Resort integrates urban and landscape scenes into a spatially or culturally different context. Since its early days, artistic collage has been often used to point out social or political grievances. My series exemplifies the interaction between nature and the space claimed by humans, thereby alluding to current challenges such as climate change or the clash of social orders. In deceptive harmony, the resulting visions present a closed, possibly existing world and leave the question of anticipated future or presence unanswered.

Andreas Kremer, living in Cologne/Germany, began his artistic path after he had worked successfully in business for many years. Never losing touch with photography during the years, 2014 he changed his focus completely to photography as visual art, and hasn’t put down his camera since. The fascination for Japan culminated in his first photo book TENSION in 2019 (KERBER Verlag). Since 2020 he is using the collage technique in a modern, digital form in his ongoing project “The Last Resort”, following the tradition of using collages to point out social or political grievances.