TIFA 2023 Events / Wedding

The Ceremony, Like A Life

  • Prize
    Bronze in Events/Wedding
  • Photographer
    Claudio Castilletti
  • Agency / Studio
    Nero Photography
  • Technical Info
    Fujifilm Xt-3, F10, 1:80 Sec. , Iso 320, 35 Mm, No Flash.
  • Photo Date

The ceremony, like a life, unveils the eternal dance between the mask we wear in solemn moments such as a wedding and the true essence of our soul. Inspired by the concepts of cognitive relativism narrated by Luigi Pirandello in "One, No One, and One Hundred Thousand" and Gustav Jung's theory of the "persona," this photo aims to capture the fragile beauty of human interiority, often hidden behind the veils of social conventions. Marriage is seen as a ceremony that celebrates idealization and perfection, but at the same time obscures the complexity and true human nature.