TIFA 2023 People / Culture

The Eel Fisher

  • Prize
    Silver in People/Culture
  • Photographer
    Alexandra Martinez
  • Agency / Studio
    Alexandra Martinez Photography
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"I started fishing when I was eight years old. I used the nets with which they packed potatoes at that time, but it was not very successful. So when I was twelve I startet fishing in a lake. We were four kids at home and we didn't had a lot of money and that was a way to get us food. Since then my passion is fishing and today I am lucky to fish eels here in the Camargue in a salty lake wich is called Vaccares. The eels look at me, they talk to me and I talk to them. In their eyes I read that they like me and I like them. That's why I can't kill them. I sell them alive." Christian R. Fisherman

Professional Photographer from Germany, based in the South of France, Camargue .