TIFA 2023 AI-Generated Images / AI Generated Images

Our Virtual Future (Ai Version)

  • Prize
    Bronze in AI-Generated Images/AI Generated Images
  • Photographer
    Olga Golubeva
  • Agency / Studio
    Olga Golubeva
  • Technical Info

Being inspired by NFT and the possibilities of virtual reality, I have created my series where want to show my vision of the nearest future. Virtual reality is gradually being introduced into everyday life and is taking more and more place in it. The worlds merge into one space and now there are no boundaries in anything. In my project, I utilize virtual goggles where the entire world of my characters becomes virtual, offering them numerous possibilities. However, in their real lives, there is no true existence and the opportunities they can afford in the imagined world are absent.

My name is Olga Golubeva. I am a photographer and filmmaker. I have been doing what I love for over 10 years. In my youth, I was fond of drawing, was visiting art school, but with the advent of the camera was completely carried away by digital art.