TIFA 2023 Nature / Trees

Lovely Caring Framing

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Trees
  • Photographer
    Justinus Sukotjo
  • Technical Info
    30 Sec, Iso50, F/16, Fujifilm Gfx Camera
  • Photo Date
    17 August 2023

Many mangrove trees in the world but Walakiri mangrove trees are the most magical one located in Walakiri beach, Sumba Island, part of East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. In August 2023, I went back to Sumba island to shoot the Walakiri mangrove trees in new location and found them lining the beach with still amazingly unique shape and curving like a human dancing. I took a shot one composition with one tree framing a group of trees that eventully looked like a mother caring her children. In black and white shot, it just looked more artistic and poetic.

I am a photography enthusiast with genre of landscape (color & black and white), fine art black and white and human interest. Although I started to make a photo since analog camera and mostly for family documentation, I started to focus on landscape photography since 2016 and human interest photography since Sep 2021. I am so passionate with photography because photography is an art that I can enjoy for myself and also for other people who love with photography.