TIFA 2023 Book / Nature

Emozioni Sospese - I Molto Volti Di Pantelleria

  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Nature
  • Photographer
    Luciano Perbellini
  • Technical Info
    Format Closed 24x30, Open 48x30 Hardback Package Four-colour Printing Trimmed Seams, Square Spine
  • Photo Date
    May 2022 - August 2023

Not a book about Pantelleria but a book constructed from the feelings and emotions of the 20 photographers who visited it. A jigsaw puzzle of emotions and suggestions, which, one after the other, will embed themselves in the soul of the reader, who will not fail to go to Pantelleria to understand what his missing piece will be. No photographer has been exhaustive and complete with his pictures, because after all, it is absolutely impossible to capture the life of an island in a few months' stay or a few weeks.