TIFA 2023 Advertising / Moving Images


  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Moving Images
  • Photographer
    Prod.Jarolim Emmanuel Ruzicka,Direc.Martin Fridner
  • Agency / Studio
    Ruzicka Emotions Co
  • Technical Info
    Project Help Presentation
  • Photo Date
    October 2021
  • Link

It's a music movie like support of the presentation of my new project DR.J E ROSE - DETOX BY UNIVERSE,has not yet been published,TIFA TOKYO 2023 is world premiére.Album is collection of the 15x songs with rap, rock, opera, solo violin with inspiration of the Vivaldi,Bach,Strauss,Bruckner,Wagner,Beethoven, Rachmaninov,was finished 12/2023.Is dedicated to DR.DRE and his idea unfinished project DETOX.I looking forward for true concert productions, music is full of true emotions and unique experiences for audience. DR.J E ROSE composer,producent,solo violin,M.Fridner foto/movie direc.

As a virtuoso, I breach physical laws. I am Jarolím Emmanuel Ruzicka and music is my life. DR.J E ROSE Jarolim Emmanuel Ruzicka The First Concertmaster of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra