TIFA 2023

The Breathtaking Moment

  • Photographer
    Shintaro Ueyama
  • Agency / Studio
  • Technical Info
    Shutter Speed1/800 Sec, Iso-800, Aperture F/11, Cmos 36x24mm
  • Photo Date
    May 29 2023

Have you ever heard of "Manhattanhenge"? This is big event that the sunset aligns perfectly with Manhattan's skyscrapers which were built on the city's street grid layout in New York City. The three photographers were in the sunset when I looked into my viewfinder, and they were about to catch this moment. This scene was only a few minutes happening. The best alignment ended within a minute, and they were always moving. I was so touched by the photographers' passion & enthusiasm for capturing nature photography. At 8:12 PM, I captured this remarkable moment.

I began taking a serious interest in photography starting in 2010 and there are two main themes for my photographic activities. The First is "The Moon in New York". I've been regularly collecting moon photos amid New York landmarks. My second interest is "Portrait photography set in New York City" where I try to capture the feeling of this great city. Although I am not formally trained, I do hope you enjoy my vision and can identify with the sincerity and beauty of these images. Thanks, Triangle NY Shintaro Ueyama