TIFA 2023 Book / Fine Art


  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Izabela Lapinska
  • Agency / Studio
    Lodz Film School (pwsftvit)
  • Technical Info
    Offset, Title Concave Embossing, Hard Cover, Sewn, Spine Black Canvas, Inserts Imperial Red
  • Photo Date

The book Skin is the culmination of four photographic projects: Naked Face, Meristem, Biopsy and Autopsy. It is a summary of the penetration of the bodily shell, human tissue, but also animal and plant ones. A photographic search for common features of living and dead creatures reveals similarities in the structure of tissues and uncovers unusual structures and forms.The recipient of the book will find out about the uniqueness of the tissue coating living organisms. They will experience the beauty of natural skin and perceive a structural affinity that accounts for the unity of all organisms.

Polish artist, photographer and film expert.Her photographic works have been the subject of dozens of exhibitions in Poland and abroad and have been featured in numerous publications in French, Belgian, Czech and Greek journals. The artist's works have been published in the Belgian magazine ‘Objectif’, in the French edition of ‘PHOTO’, and in the Polish magazines ‘Pozytyw’, ‘Camera Obscura’, ‘Format’ and ‘Akademia’. Izabela Lapinska has taken part in international projects and scientific conferences which concerned issues of the human body in culture.