TIFA 2023 Architecture / Buildings

Scale of Space

  • Prize
    Gold in Architecture/Buildings, 2nd Place winner in Architecture
  • Photographer
    Mario Tarantino
  • Agency / Studio
    Mario Tarantino Photography
  • Technical Info
    Varying Technical Info According To Different Photos
  • Photo Date
    Series taken over a period of time in different locations

This series was taken over time in completely different locations ranging from, South Africa, Spain & Portugal. The series is tied together not only in its minimalistic genre or post processing but a silhouetted person features in each image. The silhouette not only gives a sense of scale to each image but also illustrates human interaction with & in the space. The person in also brings a human touch grounding the image as well as contributing to its surreality. Each image is processed in black and white, keeping with the minimalist approach focusing on subject, shape & scale.

I am a professional photographer working mostly in black & white. My style ranges from, fine art architecture, fine art street to moody landscapes. The simplicity of monochromatic imagery, the rich, deep and detailed blacks coupled with crisp whites and all the tones in between, for me makes mundane, marvellous. I often use long exposures & enjoy working in low light creating low-key images which I find are more emotive.