TIFA 2023 Special / Digitally Enhanced

Chronicle of An Extintion Foretold

  • Prize
    Silver in Special/Digitally Enhanced
  • Photographer
    Lara Collado Martín

This series was created as an activist project to raise awareness within the population. It criticises the atrocities that humans do to the planet, focusing on air pollution, the problem with plastics and animal testing. Let me explain two of the photos that have a text written in Spanish: The photo with a delicious fish & plastic says: \"The most delicious part of a fish is THE PLASTIC\" The picture with the girl covered in blood says: \"How many lives are your cosmetics worth?\". As you can see, the model holds a can with an atrocious label. In the label we can read: \"Tested on animals\"

I'm a self-taught photographer and visual artist from Gran Canaria. I started oil painting at the age of eight and had to replace brushes with a camera because of studies. As a teenager, it became a form of therapy, an escape of bullying. I used self-portraiture to capture my emotions and vent my anxiety, anguish and fear. My connection to photography was no longer just a hobby. My work mixes photography and digital editing. In most of my pictures, I reflect on realities from a critical point of view. I have exhibited in more than sixteen exhibitions and events, and worked for books & CDs.