TIFA 2023 Special / Digitally Enhanced

Planets of A Tiny Prince

  • Prize
    Gold in Special/Digitally Enhanced, 1st Place winner in Special
  • Photographer
    Christian Kleiman
  • Agency / Studio
    Christian Kleiman Photography
  • Technical Info
    Images Made From 4 Bracketed Shots Stitched Together In A 360 Panorama
  • Photo Date
    19 July 2019

Lead by charity and generosity my mission as The Ruler of all Planets is to serve the world and make it a better place for all to live in. - Tiny Prince. THE RULER - I Am, Creator of Planets, REFLECTION - I wonder, where I start, what can I do, THE ARTIST - I draw the clouds, AWE - I bring out the water, AEOLUS - I set the air in motion, THE WATER BEARER - I germinate seeds, CRESCERE - I reap the fruits, DHARMA & KARMA - I admire the vulnerable beauty of my work, SPOTTING SCOPE - I explore with inspiration my new creation.

Christian Kleiman is a photographer who through inspiration and self-teaching evolves continuously by exploring new ways of expression in search of the unheard perspective. His vision strives in provoking an awakening to see the world differently by changing our perception. By revealing the hidden landmark of any landscape. Something captivating, as when looked at it closely you will find that it is expressing a whole new Microverse. A concept of a fragile planet, floating like a bubble in isolation to protect its valuable ecosystem.