TIFA 2023 Architecture / Buildings

Conveying Space

  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture/Buildings
  • Photographer
    Daniel Holfeld
  • Agency / Studio
    Daniel Holfeld Photography

In an intimate and powerful contemplation Holfeld’s images provide access to a new look at the built legacy of University College Dublin; deconstructing the elemental components of architecture, transforming the rebar, concrete and stucco of its buildings to change the way we think about the structures themselves. Commissioned by the University (Ireland's largest and first since Ireland gained independence from the UK), Conveying Space chronicles the last fifty years of iconic architecture found on campus. The series not only marks the universities progress but also Ireland's.

Born in Dublin (1984), Daniel Holfeld grew up in Ireland and graduated with a BA [Hons] degree in photography from Dublin’s Institute of Technology in 2008. Holfeld has always gravitated towards large open spaces, developing a passion and admiration of the complex language of architecture. Earlier in 2020 Holfeld debuted his new series The Space Between in the Royal Institute of Architecture of Ireland and later returned to London to show the series in the Royal Institute of British Architects. RIBA acquired editions in to their permanent and prestigious Robert Elwall collection