TIFA 2023 Book / Documentary

Window Seat, Plz

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Documentary
  • Photographer
    Michele Molinari
  • Technical Info
    Photos Taken With Many Different Cameras, From Iphones To Point And Shot To Full Frame Professsional
  • Photo Date
    2001 - 2022

I’m a window seat guy. Mine is not a fixation, it’s a necessity, when I sit at the window I breathe the chilled air outside, I drink the bright light, and I fill my mind with emotions. What’s out there is a box full of surprises to me. I spot nerdy stuff like geography maps and city layouts, but I also see artsy paintings of colors, nuances and shapes. And I photograph. Window seat photography is part of the whole experience, and for me a pleasurable one. window seat, plz - is a photobook, presented both in print and digital. Each format has over 70 images taken in a 20 years span.

Michele Molinari is a visual artist, writer, photographer and journalist. Born in Mantua, Italy. Based in Milan, he works for several years as freelance journalist and photographer for Italian life style and travel magazines. New York City (1997-2005). From the US he corresponds for the Italian press. Buenos Aires, Argentina, (2005-2012). He works on visual art and photography. Moves back to Italy in 2012. More of his photos can be seen on EyeEm and Flickr. You can follow on Twitter and Instagram as @micmol and @micmol.art Some of his works belong to galleries and private collections.