TIFA 2023

The Misted Sight 2.10

  • Photographer
    Masaaki Toyoyoshi
  • Technical Info
    Ricoh Gr3,18.3mm Lens,multiple Exposure,iso 2000,f/9,ss 1/80
  • Photo Date
    10 February 2023

I have an eye disease called glaucoma that has progressed to the point where I have lost most of the vision in my left eye .As a result, my vision is always hazy, as if I am constantly in a city that is raining. My depth perception is confused, making things in the distance appear closer and vice versa. I also experience visual hallucinations, sometimes seeing things that are not there. The scenes in my work are part of my daily life and are a representation of how I see things. I have used multiple exposure techniques to capture the rainy Tokyo Station.

Born in 1975. Graduated from Tokyo International University in 1997.I interested computer in my school days.After graduation,I found a job at Japan System Techniques Co.,Ltd.I worked as a programmeer/application developper.Due the glaucoma,I wanted a leading professional,but I feel I'm at the limit of my ability,retire from company.I recieved instruction by photographer Yukinori Tokoro from 2010.Ever since,I debelop a glaucoma.I had 4 surgeries from 2015, but I had hardly see my left eyes at the present time.Ever since,Started artworks series "MONOCLE VISION".