TIFA 2023 Nature / Trees


  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Trees
  • Photographer
    Dennis Lehtonen
  • Technical Info
    1.3 Seconds, Iso 2500, 14mm, F/1.8, Full-frame.
  • Photo Date
    March 14th 2022

The aurora forecast for the night was promising so I walked a few kilometers to a nearby swamp area. Soon as the sky got dark the aurora was visible overhead next to the bright moon, but eventually got so far south that it completely disappeared from my location. At the same time the people of south Finland had their first proper aurora show in years. Later on the auroras would return to the more northern latitudes where the lights would explode in brightness and you could see the purple rays rising high into skies. The best parts finished just on time as the fog was starting to cover the sky.

I am passionate about polar regions and enjoy capturing the natural phenomenon, such as the northern lights and rare clouds. Having spent most of my life living in big cities of south Finland I felt depressed not being able to see the night sky properly due to light pollution, so I moved to the northern parts of the arctic to the small towns and villages. I move frequently as I enjoy discovering new rural locations in the arctic with each location having their own adventures and plan on creating a free astronomy club in Greenland.