TIFA 2023 Editorial / Conflict

Majestic Dive

  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial/Conflict
  • Photographer
    Oliver Ehmig
  • Agency / Studio
  • Technical Info
    1/640 Iso 180 F4,5 Full Frame
  • Photo Date

A parachutist from the Colombian army’s Special Forces performs a daring challenge: a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jump at 22,000 feet above ground and 200 miles per hour. It’s one of the most high-stakes missions a soldier can undertake.   The complexity of this maneuver cannot be overstated.  It requires meticulous planning, extensive training, and nerves of steel.   As he leaps from the plane, the elite operator makes eye contact with the camera, creating a rare, majestic, and undoubtedly praise-worthy moment. A moment, that neither he, nor I, will ever forget.