TIFA 2023 Portfolio / Fine Art

A Home For The Hermit Crab

  • Prize
    Gold in Portfolio/Fine Art, 2nd Place winner in Portfolio
  • Photographer
    Tomomichi Nakamura

One day in June 2021,I lost my home. I suffer from autism spectrum disorders, and that often creates troubles. This time, I left my partner’s apartment but didn’t have a place to go. My family also refused me to go back. I tried to commit a suicide, and a mental institution became my temporary home for a month. At this new home, I reflected myself and deeply considered about my existence in any moments. I reflected about my being when I cut my nails, and questioned whether they are part of myself or not. In order to answer such question, I decided to shoot photographs of my new temporary home.

I, Tomomichi Nakamura, worked as an animation artist until around 2017. In 2018, due to health issues, I underwent a transition and subsequently became a photographer. 2019 "Like Ants" 2019 Canon’sNew Cosmos of Photography 2019 *Grand Prize (Japan) 2020 Solo Exhibition?(Tokyo Photographic Art Museum) 2022~A home for the hermit crab 2023 LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2023 *Jurors’Pick 2023~Ants Plus "Funi" 2023 LensCulture Critics'Choice 23 *Critics' Pick Other Featured by TV documentary program Document 20 mins. created by NHK ."Ants, human beings and myself: Works of Nakamura Tomomichi"