TIFA 2023 Architecture / Industrial

The Industrial World

  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture/Industrial
  • Photographer
    Conrad Saya Reina
  • Technical Info
    Olympus Om D Em 5 Mark Ll, Zuiko 12-100, 200 Iso
  • Photo Date

I chose these photographs to show my affinity for middle and early 20th century industry, from a now disused loading dock in Kawasaki to the wastelands of New Jersey.

I studied photography at Pratt Institute, New York. I took photographs of trains, people, animals, and buildings at many locations, day and night, even aboard a freight train and atop a suspension bridge. I used a 35mm and a large format camera. My style is: The camera is my eyes, I photograph something just as I see it. I don’t think about composition, there is a direct link between what I feel about what I see and the photograph.