TIFA 2022 People / Children

The Rocketgirl Chronicles

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Portrait, 1st Place winner in Fine Art, Silver in People/Children
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Emre Kuheylan

    Frank Meo I love this idea to engage the kid and the parent in these crazy time!

  • Photographer
    Andrew Rovenko
  • Technical Info
    Mamiya Rz67, Fuji Pro 400h
  • Photo Date

While Melbourne was earning the title of the world's most locked down city with over 260 days under stay at home orders, closed playgrounds and limited outdoor time, one 4 year old astronaut was putting on her home made space suit and used her imagination to discover many small worlds that existed around us. These photographs are the memories from our expeditions to these worlds and the stories we've made there. The lockdown has ended. We’ll outgrow the space suit. But the time spent together exploring and imagining is one special gift to keep.

Ukraine born and raised, now calling Australia home for over 17 years, being currently based in Melbourne. Photography has always been a passion but never became a career, as fun and freedom of shooting personal work proved to be more rewarding than commercial assignments. One of such projects - The Rocketgirl Chronicles that was born during Melbourne’s 6th lockdown found critical acclaim and recognition around the world, with international coverage including Vogue and The Rolling Stone Magazine with the author named 2021 Australian Photographer of the Year.