TIFA 2022 Portfolio / Fine Art

Hopper Essence

  • Prize
    Gold in Portfolio/Fine Art, 1st Place winner in Portfolio
  • Photographer
    Andres Gallego
  • Technical Info
    The Sets And Paintings Have Been Designed And Handcrafted To Life Size, With One Exception.
  • Photo Date

In 1992, American photographers paid homage to Hopper in an exhibition linking photography and painting. At the event, Joel Meyerowitz emphasised the fundamental difference between the nature of photography as a momentary event and the nature of painting as a process, but what happens when we unite both languages in the same work? This project is made up of a series of photographs represented around Hopper's work, where the views of the windows are created by myself with acrylic paint on canvas. We see my wife, just as Hopper depicted Jo. Decide for yourselves what is through the window.

Born in Spain in 1983, Andrés Gallego began his relationship with photography in 2017. He has found in this art a form of personal expression, which allows him to realice his ideas and projects in a creative and different way. A great lover of photography in all its disciplines, he has found in staged portraits a way of creating parallel worlds in the style of the old masters. Practically self-taught, he has drawn his inspiration from classical painting and from artists such as Eugenio Recuenco, LeTurk, Gregory Crewdson and Kate Woodman, among others.