TIFA 2022 Science / Environment


  • Prize
    Silver in Science/Environment
  • Photographer
    Virgilijus Usinavicius-Augulis
  • Agency / Studio
    Augulis Photo
  • Technical Info
    The Project Was Made Using Hasselblad Xpan Camera On Ilford Films.
  • Photo Date

This November the world's population hit another milestone - a record of 8 billion people. The photography series is a contemplation of how the world would look if humans ceased to walk this earth. Through a poetic lens, it inquires what the traces of human existence would tell about its former inhabitants. Abandoned, scared yet free from further damage nature would slowly start to reclaim its lands.

Virgilijus Usinavicius-Augulis is a Lithuanian photographer with extensive experience in photojournalism as well as commercial and fine art photography. He specializes in both analogue and digital photographic techniques with a strong preference for the former. In his artistic practice, the author is guided by the traditional fine-art photography criteria to create picturesque, painterly pictures as if influenced by the Pictorialists. V. Usinavicius-Augulis's recent works have been presented in both group and solo exhibitions and have been awarded international and national prizes.