TIFA 2022 Nature / Flowers

Secret Life of The Night Flower

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Flowers
  • Photographer
    Maja Strgar Kurecic
  • Agency / Studio
    Msk Photography
  • Photo Date

At dusk, the Night Flowers start to open their colorful heads, spreading their sweet-smelling fragrance throughout the night. Their vivid colors attract the eye; their intoxicating scent awakens the imagination. In one night, they live their secret life giving their best. In the morning, they close forever...

Maja Strgar Kurecic is a fine art photographer and an Associate Professor of photography at the Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb, Croatia. She has been involved in photography for over 25 years. At the beginning of her career, she engaged mostly in advertising and reportage photography. The last few years she devoted to projects that fall within the field of abstract photography. She exhibited photographs on over 50 group and 20 independent exhibitions, held in country and abroad.