TIFA 2022 Science / Technology

Electric Trees

  • Prize
    Gold in Science/Technology
  • Photographer
    Gianfranco Merati
  • Agency / Studio
    Gianfranco Merati Studio.

With this project I aimed at visualising electricity. One way of visualising it is through creating small-scale lightening, similar to the ones that occur naturally in the sky when whether storms develop. With a bit of DIY and leveraging the precious legacy that Nicola Tesla left us, I built a small “lightening generator”. The results are striking “electric trees”, as electricity dissipates through air forming tree-like structures, with various branches reaching out through the air. Ultimately, this is a tribute to electricity, which became such a fundamental component of our civilisation.

Gianfranco’s motivation as a photographer is that ‘beauty is everywhere’. He seeks to reveal it. In recent times Gianfranco started developing abstract photography within a studio setting. Using both high tech methods and innovative use of basic means, each final image is exacting and verging on the unreal. This, despite the fact that Gianfranco does not manipulate his images to create any illusions in his work.