TIFA 2022 Science / Environment

The Fragile Face

  • Prize
    Bronze in Science/Environment
  • Photographer
    Alma Bibolotti
  • Technical Info
    Camera Nikon D3000 - Post Processing Lightroom 6, Photoshop Cs6
  • Photo Date
    August 2017

I took these photos in Veneto Dolomites, around Lagazuoi and Lavaredo. Although its primaeval and apparently untouched peaks seem to be characterised by a majestic strength, researchers point out that the sudden collapses and detachments of rocks of Dolomites slopes are the main consequence of the gradual permafrost deterioration due to the variations in depth and width of its layers, especially if combined with other effects of global warming as the increase of rainfall. The main goal of this work is to raise awareness of this unexpected and dramatic fragility produced by climate change.

My relationship with photography started when I discovered Edward Weston, Mimmo Jodice, Mario Giacomelli, Lucien Clergue, and many other masters whose works strongly influenced my vision. Photography is an inner journey, vital to me. Much of my work focuses on the language of nature, on my relationship with landscape and the natural world. I aim to render what I feel while shooting, rather than what I witness. I also think that sometimes common objects and simple landscapes evoke parallel worlds where dreaminess and double meaning prevail so that outer space gives voice to my inner gaze.