TIFA 2022 Architecture / Industrial

Blast Furnace Thyssen Ironworks

  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture/Industrial
  • Photographer
    Nicole Urbscheit
  • Technical Info
    Nikon Z6ii, Vr 24-120 F/4g
  • Photo Date

A decommissioned Thyssen ironworks. Today the old ironworks with its bunkers, inclined lifts and casthouses are an “living” industrial monument. A powerful mean of expression and exploration – in which I'm looking for unusual perspectives, details, light, and symmetries, sometimes by turning the world upside-down in my compositions. Multiple exposure - this is no photoshop work

I have been working independently for many years as an art-director in germany and the implementation of creative ideas has always been the centerpiece of my work. I have always loved photography as art, but first i started with drawing. Since 2012 I discovered photography as a second mean to express myself, always on the search for the secret of light and shadows. Often my photographs are not exactly a foto, my creations are somewhere in between paintings and photography. I use my camera to transpose the emotions which develop in my mind, the excitements caused by encountered reality.