TIFA 2022 Portfolio / Personal

Native Sea. (Il Mare Originario)

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio/Personal
  • Photographer
    Antonio Denti
  • Technical Info
    Shot Underwater With Iphone 13
  • Photo Date

As the the world becomes more confused, fears stronger, information a never-ending flood and yet meaning harder to grasp, I turn to my native sea. My kid asks me to swim with him and I feel on my skin the exact place on Earth that, more than anywhere or anything else, has shaped my heart. Back in it, I love its indifference to human fate, yet its being a powerful companion for our dreams. We cross the line from the aerobic world where we belong to the alien blue where we can only briefly survive. And, in the native blue , I feel I can finally grasp that infinite, wordless meaning of it all.