TIFA 2022 Editorial / Photo Essay

The Desperate Cries of The Armed Conflict Victims

  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial/Photo Essay
  • Photographer
    Stefano Stranges
  • Agency / Studio
    Stefano Stranges
  • Photo Date
    april 2022

In Colombia there has been an armed conflict for sixty years; what is defined as “low intensity internal war” in the national borders has spread and it is still spreading terror through death, forced disappearences, attempts, blood and violence. The main characters are not just the revolutionary groups – FARC and ELN – and the paramilitaries, but the Colombian State plays a fundamental role, and with it the narcotraffic. Straight out of Nariño, the department that owns 40% of the government cocaine production, the desperate cries of the living, the dead and the disappeared are rising.

Italian independent photographer and photojournalist. Born in 1978, I began my professional career in 2006. In 2011 I turned my attention to the problematic social issues on the planet, so I started to collaborate with national and international NGOs. My shots capture the harsh realities that oppress contemporary society, from exploitation to civil war, passing through the disasters caused by natural calamity and climate change. I published my reports in many magazines, including Rolling Stone, Millenium, Jesus Mag, La stampa. My works have been exhibited in several exhibitions in Europe.