TIFA 2022 Portfolio / Fine Art

Forgotten Art-Chitectures

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Christian Basetti
  • Technical Info
    Multiple Exposures , Full Frame

"Art-chitectures" is a term that I conceived to merge in a word a creative photographic style linked to the world of abandoned places in decay: art and architecture. Artistic is the approach with which I photograph this places. I do n't limit myself to immortalizing desolate scenes with an exclusively documentary spirit, but I always introduce a careful fine art vision, where lights and shadows blend with the environments of ancient times, as in a painting, inspired by Caravaggio. Why just limit yourself to conceptual decay, as many others do,and not represented it as an aestetic work too?

Christian Basetti from Milan. Since 2015, he has been passionate about ancient decadent places, giving voice to these structures full of melancholy charm as if they were silent narcissistic creatures waiting for someone to express their greatness. Creator of Forgotten Art-chitectures project, decayed places are not shot just with an usual limited documentary aspect, as many others do, but they are like fine art canvas aimed at aesthetics. Inspired by Caravaggio's style in the representation of environments, with a similitude prostitutes and beggars=decadent places turned in something nobler.