TIFA 2021 Nature / Underwater

The Search For Aliens Underwater

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Underwater
  • Photographer
    Suzan Meldonian
  • Agency / Studio
    Niteflight Photographics
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D500, Nauticam Housing, Inon Z240s, 60mm Lens + Inon 10x Diopter, 1/250, F/14, Iso 200
  • Photo Date
    4/26/19, 6/7/19, 2/24/19, 5/27/20, 11-16-17, 5/22/20, 6/8/20, 8/16/20

Each night in every ocean the largest migration on Earth occurs, called the Vertical Migration. It is where plankton and pelagic animals rise and fall in the water column from the depths to feed, or be fed upon in the cloak of night. Our oceans produce about 50% of the oxygen we breathe. Most of these creatures are larval stages, no bigger than a pinhead or less than an inch, photographed over depths of 600-750' off West Palm Beach, Florida in the Gulf Stream current. These creatures are completely fascinating and are fast luring scientists all over the world to watch our in-situ posts online.