TIFA 2021 People / Life Style

The Long Wait

  • Prize
    Silver in People/Life Style
  • Photographer
    Kantaya New
  • Photo Date
    Jul 2021

This Photo is actually showing the seats of an open air theatre in between show time. Most of the audience have left and only 2 people are seen waiting for the next movie to be aired. The guy has adapted well to the wait and is already in dreamland. The girl seems to be checking her phone and wonder to leave and come back or continue waiting.

I am a Thai-born aspiring photographer. I fell in love with street photography 3 years ago while living in Japan. I am currently residing in Singapore. Many of us because of Covid came to realize that Life is fragile and short. Each moment in is unique and may never come again. I like the randomness of Street Photography - at times, I do not know what I will uncover until I head out to the streets. The serendipity, the convergence of colors and lights, to create a Magical and yet Surreal Moment. This is what excites me, this is what drives me. I am unable to plan for this, and neither am