TIFA 2021 Science / Environment

Survival On A Plastic Wasteland

  • Prize
    Bronze in Science/Environment
  • Photographer
    Jacha Potgieter
  • Photo Date
    1st May 2019

Guwahati garbage dump in Assam is home to the largest concentration of Greater Adjutant Storks in the world, sadly this is due to the ongoing destruction to the surrounding wetlands. These photos show how they share the dump with cattle, JCB diggers & even children, each species picking through the mounds of rubbish for something they need to survive. These storks are the world's most endangered stork species, the Indian population is under threat from the contaminated open rubbish dump they inhabit, as pollutants are disposed of along with carcasses and food.

Conservation artist living in Wales, UK with an interest in wildlife photography. I am passionate about protecting the natural world and using my voice for those that cannot speak.