TIFA 2021 Advertising / Beauty


  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Beauty
  • Photographer
    Caesar Lima
  • Agency / Studio
    Caesar Photo Design, Inc.
  • Technical Info
    Nikon Z7 With 24-70mm F4
  • Photo Date
    Jan 2021

Simple beauty From my latest Unusual Beauty Project model Sheila in a low key portrait

Caesar Lima’s emphasis as an artist is meticulously crafted and in high tech photography. He claims only a singular goal with each image that he creates, in that it is only something that has never been seen before. Holding a Bachelor’s of Art in Advertising, Lima's innate sense of design is joined by a keen understanding as to the needs of advertising agencies, as well as art and creative direction. This has helped him to procure an A-list roster that features the likes of Sony Pictures, Pioneer Electronics, Reebok, Walt Disney, T Mobile, K Swiss, Yamaha, Nokia, Sanyo, and O’Neal.