TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Other

Senseless Diptychs

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Other
  • Photographer
    Ileana Montaño
  • Technical Info
    Photos Taken With Iphone 12 Pro Max Native Camera And Edited On Ipad Pro.
  • Photo Date
    June 2021

The Senseless Diptychs Series is a sensual proposal for visual poetry in which the elements of each image appear to be disconnected. However they are intimately related by a leitmotiv from the first intention through symbolisms, metaphors and ideas that are suggestive and lend themselves to a totally subjective and personal interpretation.

Born in Mexico City, Ileana is a professional in graphic communications and advertising and an independent visual artist and photographer. She has been featured and collaborated in some important blogs about mobile art and photography. Her work has been exhibited in Brazil, South Korea, the United States, Hungary, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Argentina. In 2017 she presented Fragmentos de Luz, her first solo exhibition in Mexico City.